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The above phrase underpins the foundation of p2ptradex UK Based Registered Company We are a company of designers who wish to unveil the use of crypto assets in an entirely new form. Started off in 2016, we wish to carve a discernable niche for ourselves. Crypto assets are the buzzword which seems to be affecting all business aspects and storing this crypt asset becomes epochal for companies. Crypto wallets have emerged as a popular mode storing it, and we at p2ptradex have all the expertise to design safe and secure wallets.

We are a squad of ambitious pioneers of technology who are willing to bring cryptography to the masses utilization. Our company runs on the engine of innovation and state of the art technology is the fuel which pushes us forward. With p2ptradex our aim to understand and deliver easy solutions to the real problems.

Although, we are just few years old in the world digital currency our understanding of crypto assets and execution of strategies which has been beneficial for people looking for crypto wallets and allied solutions.

Who Is p2ptradex

Our pool of talented and dexterous professionals makes us one of the leading crypto asset service providers. Apart from the decentralized app development we also have a considerable amount of experience in other aspects of this domain making us deliver you innovative and state of the art results. Our team is always on its toes and makes sure that the results are always delivered timely. It has made us gain unceasing patronage from our clients.
Register or Login and click Make Order, Select what you will send and what you want to receive fill the amount and details. After that you will see instructions for payment. After your payment is received by us, we will complete the order.
p2ptradex provides the automatic exchange of electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can also use bank transfers for the purchase and sale of electronic money, including cryptocurrency.
You can read about our ether great  approach here. In November 2015, Microsoft and ConsenSys reported the expansion of Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (EBaaS). Read more about the association and discover a few FAQs about the contrasts amongst Bitcoin and Ethereum, here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/ethereum-blockchain-as-a-benefit now-on-purplish blue/

Why p2ptradex

We at p2ptradex have been getting a considerable measure of inquiries concerning the coming hard fork, which is the reason we chose to answer them in a unique article. We trust it will enable our clients to comprehend the progressions the Ethereum arrange is experiencing somewhat better.
By storing data across its network, the blockchain eliminates the risks that come with data being held centrally. Its network lacks centralized points of vulnerability that computer hackers can exploit.
<b>LOW FEES</b>
We only charge Ether’s blockchain network miner fee when you move your ETH out from your p2ptradex wallet. Therefore we ensure that you get to keep more money in the pocket.