0.5% will be charged on trading exchange.

In order to send your cryptocurrency to any paper wallet/hardware wallet/exchange, follow these steps-

  • Click on Wallet tab in your P2PTradex Account.
  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw/move/send.
  • Click on Withdraw button present along with the selected cryptocurrency.
  • Enter the wallet address for the wallet/exchange.

After you get verified at P2PTradex and add bitcoin into your wallet, you can own any cryptocurrency you like by following some simple steps-

  • Go to your P2PTradex account.
  • Select the crypto-currency of your choice .
  • Let’s click on buy button, enter the amount you want to buy and the desired bid price.
  • Get Started by making an account on P2PTradex.
  • To make an account, click on ”Sign Up” at the top-right of the website & fill the registration form.
  • You will get the activation link in your e-mail inbox which you have to click on.
  • After you do the registration, you will need to get verified for KYC-AML Compliances.
  • P2PTradex allows users to convert cryptocurrency.
  • You can buy/sell the following digital assets at P2PTradex-

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Z-cash, , Bitshares, Dogecoin, Civic, Digibyte, , while a lot more are waiting to show up. Right now we are exchange currency into bitcoin.

A purely digital form of money. A decentralized digital medium of exchange which is created, regulated , and exchanged by public, no owner is here. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, its funds are locked in a public key cryptography system. Only the owner of the private key can send cryptocurrency.

P2PTradex is a Digital Currency Exchange and Blockchain Wallet service where consumers and traders can transact with multiple digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and many other popular assets.

We provide a simple and trusted platform to trade, store, use and accept an extensive set of cryptocurrencies while a lot more are waiting to show up.