Terms and Conditions

Before heading further to avail P2pTradex services which include the creation of apps and use of various Coin wallet, you must run through our terms and conditions and agree with them. Your agreement to utilize our services must be acknowledged by the fact that you are abiding by all the terms and conditions mentioned henceforth. The company will be renewing its policies time to time and hence you are advised to keep a regular check on the same by visiting our website.

P2pTradex is not liable for any damages arising out of incidents due to technical errors, blockchain issues, 3rd party API usage, exchange hacking wherein P2pTradex has no control.


If you register with us via online platforms, an account will be created so that you can use the online platform.To create an account, you will be provided with all the necessary information to enable your access to the account. To access any services of our platform, you must activate your USER ACCOUNT by following the identity verification process. In case you fail to activation process P2pTradex can terminate the USER ACCOUNT.

The Account Information mentioned here refers to the passwords, and such information is provided by you as a part of our security and verification procedures.

If you use the third party website for registration, it shall be considered as a part of the account information. Make sure that you keep your information confidential and not disclose it to the third party. If there is any access to the online platform shall be considered as accessed by you

P2pTradex reserves all the rights to disable your account or any part of it, whether you have chosen it or allocated by us if at any time you fail to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions mentioned.

If at any point of time you feel that there is unauthorized access to your account information, you must immediately intimate us about the same or mail our customer care division. The company will not be liable for any loss of information in case of unauthorized access.


Once your account is activated, we will provide you with a coin wallet.With the help of the wallet, you can purchase, send, store and receive the digital assets supported by the online platforms. You must maintain a minimum balance of funds in your Wallet before you initiate an order or transaction.

3. Terms of Coin Wallet

P2pTradex provides you a coin wallet where you can store digital assets. Funds in the wallet can be used to exchange with other digital assets. The owner of the wallet is not entitled to any interest on the Funds held in the wallet.

You can withdraw the funds in the account, but in such case, you can only transfer the digital asset to another wallet or external wallet. You also need to verify that you own and operate the External wallet before you withdraw the funds.

In case you transfer any Funds to a recipient who is not a User of our Online Platforms, we will invite such recipient to open a User Account, and transfer the Funds back to your Coin Wallet in case of such recipient’s failure to open a User Account within 30 days.

You are not permitted to transfer, store or receive any digital assets not supported by our Online Platforms. You acknowledge that you will not hold P2pTradex responsible for any losses suffered by by you in an attempt to trade the digital assets.

4. We are not in charge of outside locales or administrations

The hypertexts connect you to the outside websites or administrators. P2pTradex will not be in charge of any substance found on the other websites. In case of any apprehension or query, you must contact the local administrators. You must know that going to the outer website may increase the probability of your PC getting affected by malware.

5. Bugs and blunders may

There is a probability of finding some typographical errors. We do not guarantee the presence of any material on the website is precise, finished or current. Our company may also time to time improve the content.

6. Our security strategy

You can read our Privacy Policy by clicking on this link https://P2pTradex.com/privacy-policy. Here you will get a complete insight into our mode of working, how we collect data, use it and share it. By agreeing to these terms you additionally give your consent to our privacy policies.

7. Terms might be changed

P2pTradex can any time refresh the terms without informing. Once you agree to avail our services, you agree to abide our Terms and Conditions of use.

In case of withdrawal, the company will settle the withdrawal request within three working days of the request being made.

8. User representations, covenants, and obligations

These terms govern the Users behavior on the online platform and also sets certain obligations that you must abide if you avail our services. Agreeing to go ahead, you confirm and represent the following :

  • You will use P2pTradex services only for legal and lawful purposes.
  • You will comply with these terms and all the applicable laws, acts of legislature or parliament, protocols, guidelines, policies of any governmental authority including without limitation the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002, the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967.
  • The creation and maintenance of all the content in your account shall be solely your responsibility.
  • You must make sure that you should safeguard your password and keep it confidential;
  • P2pTradex recommends you to use STRONG password using the combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • In case you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions, the company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss of information.
  • You are required to provide only authentic information about yourself. You will not cancel any order initiated but not executed or on the exchange.
  • You give your consent that all the orders in transactions are irreversible once it’s executed.
  • As mentioned above you must have sufficient funds before you initiate any transaction.
  • If there are insufficient funds in your wallet, you may cancel your order or execute partial transactions using the amount available in your wallet.You also acknowledge the fact that some tax applies to the trading of the digital asset.
  • You acknowledge the payment of taxes is solely your responsibility.
  • You agree to the fact that the price of digit assets are subjected to fluctuations. Thus, the actual market at which an order or transaction is executed may vary.
  • The Company may be required to suspend trading in cases of a force majeure event.
  • P2pTradex does not control the underlying technology which controls the mining process, certain and sales of crypto assets.
  • You also acknowledge the fact that the Company doesn’t have any control over the market price or circulation or volatility of Digital Assets. This matter is strictly restricted to the seller and the buyer.


There is a chance for considerable loss while you are trading in the crypto assets. Thus, before indulging in the trading of crypto assets, we suggest you take into consideration your financial status and also calculate your risk tolerant ability. You are required to check the following :

  • Currently, the crypto assets fall into the unregulated category.
  • There is a probability that some or all the crypto assets may be considered illegal in the future.
  • You must also obtain apt legal advise and counseling before using the online platform for digital assets trading.
  • You acknowledge the act that digital assets are subjected to volatility. Hence, you may system a loss.
  • Since the market of crypt asset is at a very early stage, there are still many changes that it needs, and hence you may face problem in liquidating your position.
  • You acknowledge the fact that banks or any other financial institutions do not back the crypto assets.
  • P2pTradex will not allow third party interference to sort out the issues which might arise at the time of regional or global crisis.
  • Since the crypto assets are helped online thus, they are susceptible to security breaches.

10. FEES

Trading of the crypto assets on the online platform is subjected to payment o fees on each transaction executed.


All the content on the online platform is the proprietary of the company and comes under the trademark, copyright, and other applicable laws.

All the service marks, trademarks, and logos of the company are the property of the Company and its owners.

12. Whole Agreement

These terms and conditions should constitute the complete comprehension between P2pTradex and the USER for the utilization of our services.

  • The user will not misuse or abuse any of the P2pTradex services in any manner.
  • The user shall not Violate any of the terms and policies mentioned on the website and as prescribed by the company.
  • The user shall not share any information with another person.
  • The user shall not impersonate another person.
  • The user shall not upload any information which is invasion of another person’s privacy.
  • The user will not commit any act related to money laundering or gambling.
  • The user will not infringe any patent or trademark or copyright of P2pTradex.
  • The user will not provide any false information about themselves.
  • The user will not upload information which contains software viruses, computer code, files or programs.
  • Before you indulge in any transfer or sale of crypto assets, the user is required to verify all the particulars of such transactions. If there is an error and the transaction enters the P2pTradex platform is irreversible, i.e., the user will not be able to retrieve the crypto assets once they are transferred.
  • Security: P2pTradex has taken up all the efforts to secure the infrastructure. The company has no control over the infrastructure in which the crypto currencies are hosted outside of is won network.


Both the company and the user agree to the following terms for termination, cancellation of this agreement :

  • P2pTradex reserves all the rights to suspend or terminate the USER agreement if the User’s verification fails or if the user is found to be involved in any unauthorized activities.
  • The user agrees to adhere to the AML or Anti Money Laundering policies, in case the user is found to be failing to do that, P2pTradex reserves all the rights to terminate and cancel the agreement.
  • Failure of the user to comply with KYC norms.
  • Misrepresentation or misstatements by the user or any inaccuracy in the data provided by the customer..
  • Failure to update the KYC details when asked by the company.
  • User account lying dormant or inactive for six months.